Atlas Bells & The Origin of Strength

In 2013 our founder made a decision to combine his passion for both fitness and innovation. Building upon more than 30 years of experience as an engineering-driven entrepreneur, and after countless hours of training inside a variety of workout environments, he saw a need for an improved line of vintage-style strength training gear.

He envisioned the kind of vintage-style gear that didn't look and feel like it was built in someone's garage but rather, it would be precision engineered, professionally machined and expertly finished strength training equipment that would fit within the confines of any strength training environment.

So he decided to create Atlas Bells. Vintage Dumbbells, Barbells, Maces and various other strongman inspired equipment based on the utilization of thick-grip bars, the use of shot loadable spheres rather than static plates, and a modern design with chrome-finished grips and colorized finishes. Machined with a textured knurl, the thick grip improves grasping ability while enhancing and building grip strength.

Atlas Bells gear is certain to enhance both the fun, and the challenge, of any workout!