Variable Weight "Onyx" Trainer - Vintage Dumbbell (Variable Weights up to 50kg)

$ 395.00

The shot-filled spheres of an Atlas Bells dumbbell create infinite possibilities for new and different workouts. With 13 inches center-to-center, the dumbbell spheres are the perfect separation distance for a crush curl, push-up, goblet squat, plank pull through, or two handed skull crusher. These are just a few examples of fun, yet difficult to master, conventional exercises that can be performed using Atlas Bells dumbbells. They feature chrome plated grips that have been machined with a textured surface or "knurling" on a thick grip bar that allows an athlete grab and retain the grip without slipping during the workout.


Grip Diameter: 2¼" Standard (225 Grip)
Grip length: 5" of Knurled Steel
Grip finish: Chrome Plated
Sphere diameter:  8" Standard
Sphere material: ⅛" steel with ½" Threaded Fill Port
Sphere finish: Variable Color-Coded Powder Coat
Color: Onyx (Black)
Approximate Weight Empty: 15 lbs.
Precise Product Weight @ Shipping: 15.0 lbs. + variable media load
Loadable Weight Media: Variable Steel Shot Fill

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