Warrior Mace

$ 195.00

Train like the toughest, ancient Hindu warriors! Used for over 2,000 years, the results from using a mace are clear, seriously amplified core strength. Whether you chop, tire or heavy bag slam it, your core is always engaged at the center of this workout. It’s the perfect training tool for mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and wrestlers who throw opponents to the ground.
Building off the traditional design, the Atlas Bells Warrior Mace features a shot-filled sphere that elevates this old-time workout to a new level of intensity. As the shot moves, your core is forced to build additional resistance. Go ahead. Shovel, spear, dynamic curl, 360 swing, and barbarian squat — and see the results.


Grip Diameter: 1 ½" of Thick-Walled Tubing
Handle Length: 36"
Handle Stop Diameter: 2"
Handle Finish:  Black Mini Texture Powder Coat
Sphere Diameter: 8"
Sphere Thickness: ⅛" Steel with ½" Threaded Fill Port
Sphere Finish: Silver Vein Powder Coat
Product Weight: Variable, Steel Shot Fill
Approximate Weight Empty: 10 lbs.
Color: Black & Silver

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